Pakistan issues final warning to popular social media

Pakistan has threatened to block TikTok due to immoral content. This is reported by Techcrunch.

They have received numerous complaints from residents of the country about the content in the app, according to authorities. Therefore, they turned to the owners of the social network with a request to moderately filter the materials for their legality and moral acceptability, but received no response.

The Pakistani Telecommunications Authority said it is issuing a final warning to TikTok, in case of further violation of local rules and laws of the country in the application, it will be permanently blocked.

Earlier, the Indian Ministry of Information Technology blocked 59 Chinese mobile applications, including TikTok. Also, in India, you cannot use the mobile application of the Chinese social network WeChat, the UC browser, the Weibo microblogging service and other applications. In addition, the Clash of Kings game has been blocked.