Pants backwards: Trump’s clothes caused a stir on social media

1 week ago

Former President of the United States Donald Trump found himself in the spotlight when he addressed Republicans in Greenville, North Carolina, wearing pants that didn’t show the zipper in the front.

Pants backwards: Trump's clothes caused a stir on social media

This generated many jokes about the former White House leader wearing his pants “backwards.”

“Donald Trump gave a big speech wearing his pants backwards. Take a closer look and tell me I’m wrong. If this turns out to be a fake, I will be incredibly angry,” freelance columnist Brandon Friedman wrote on Twitter.

However, the news later broke that Trump didn’t actually wear his pants backwards, and the fly was in place.

“We rate the claim that Trump wore his pants backwards during the North Carolina Republican Party convention false. Video footage and images show that the pants were zipped up in the front. This indicated that Trump wore the pants correctly,” the report said.

Nevertheless, the news about the “pants backwards” quickly went viral on social media, generating many jokes and memes.