Paris teacher murderer linked to Syrian Islamists

Abdulakh Anzorov, an 18-year-old Chechen who killed a school history teacher near Paris, was associated with terrorists – he talked with a certain Islamist from Syria. This became known to the newspaper Le Parisien.

For at least two days, from 12 to 14 September, the young man corresponded in Russian with a suspected terrorist in the Syrian province of Idlib, and asked him how to move to another country in order to “fight”.

According to information from relatives, Anzorov has become sympathetic to radical ideas since about last spring: he began to pray more thoroughly on Fridays and watch videos of extremist preachers. Anzorov’s parents also suspect that he became radicalized by talking to friends from the gym, and they helped him buy weapons.

The friends themselves deny everything and report that they also noticed the radicalization of the young man in recent months: he began to observe all Mohammedan restrictions and send them reminders of regular prayers. It is also known that he put the flag of the terrorist group “Islamic State” (IS, banned in Russia) on the screensaver on his phone.

Earlier it became known that after the massacre Anzorov himself shared photos and videos on social networks and messengers. In particular, he sent them to some Chechen channels on Telegram, in which supporters of IS gather.

According to some reports, the killer’s half-sister traveled to Syria in 2014 to join IS. An anti-terrorist investigation was conducted against her.

It is now believed that Anzorov attacked teacher Samuel Paty after seeing a video on the network. On it, the father of one of the schoolgirls condemned the teacher for showing the children a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. The video said in which educational institution this happened.

Earlier it was reported that a photo of the severed head of the teacher was posted on Twitter. In the post, the Chechen turned to French President Emmanuel Macron, stating that he “executed the teacher who dared to humiliate the Prophet Muhammad.”

Four people were detained in the criminal case of the murder of a history teacher. These are close acquaintances of the terrorist, among them there are also relatives of the young man. It is known that Anzorov had refugee status in France – he had a residence permit issued on March 4, 2020.

According to the French President, the murder of a history teacher can be considered a terrorist attack. According to him, the teacher died for “teaching children freedom of speech, freedom to believe or not to believe.”

The murder took place on the evening of October 16 in a suburb of Paris. The perpetrator tracked down the teacher at the college, killed him and beheaded him. Later, the terrorist was shot. The killer was a young man who was born in Moscow and at the age of six moved with his family to France, where he received the status of a political refugee.