Park Soo Hong to continue with his timetables this week as arranged in the wake of recovering Stability from his dad’s Physical Assault

Comedian and TV host Park Soo Hong is rumored to be part of this week’s broadcast of MBN‘s “Dongchimi” which he hosts. currently hosting despite the psychological and physical shock he endured due to his father’s assault on him.

On October 4, at 4:45 pm An official from JTBC informed a reputable media outletthat “Park Soo Hong who’s resting to recover from her illness is scheduled to be a part of the recording on October 6 at 10:06 KST of the MBN show ‘Dongchimi’ according to schedule.” The team that produced the show later revealed that “We will follow our schedules and keep in mind the health of Park Soo Hong as our primary concern. Presently, [Park Hong] had expressed his desire to join the recording session without any issues, so we decided to continue with the recording in the same way as we had planned. “

The earlier reports indicated earlier that Park Soo Hong was physically attacked by his father when he was being cross-examined in the office of the prosecutor. His brother who was caught for stealing thousands of dollars off Park Soo Hong, was also in attendance. Park Soo Hong was rushed to hospital after fainting due to extreme anxiety and shock.

While this is happening, various Korean media sources are reporting that Park Hong’s dad, at the age of 80 attempts to shoulder the entire blame on the issue of illegal embezzlement allegedly committed by the brother of Park Soo Hong.

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