Participants of televised debates in the United States are isolated from each other

The US presidential campaign has taken a new turn after incumbent President Donald Trump contracted the coronavirus. Since candidates do not refuse to fight, serious security measures have to be taken.

According to CNN, the televised debate between vice presidential candidates Michael Pence and Kamala Harris at the University of Utah will take place in an environment of severe social distancing. Participants will be separated from each other by a transparent partition and will be obliged to maintain a distance of 3.6 m.

Acting Vice President Michael Pence, after information about Trump’s illness, passed a coronavirus test, his result was negative. “If Senator Harris wants to build a fortress around him, so be it,” said Pence’s spokeswoman Katie Miller, who recovered from the coronavirus in May, commented on the new debate.

Donald Trump himself plans to participate in the next round of televised debates, despite his illness. The next meeting between Trump and Biden on the air of American television is scheduled for October 15.

Earlier it was reported that the first round of debate between Trump and Biden on September 30 took place in an atmosphere of mutual insults. In particular, Biden called Trump “a clown”, “the worst president in US history,” and the head of the White House questioned the mental abilities of his rival.