Passengers who refuse to wear masks may be blacklisted in the US

US carriers have agreed to approve a single set of rules that prohibits travel without a face mask. Those who refuse to wear it can be blacklisted.

Airlines will several times clearly remind passengers of the need for a protective mask not only during boarding, but also throughout the flight. This applies even to long-haul flights.

Those who have forgotten the masks or didn’t have time to purchase can get them from the airline.

A separate detailed announcement of the need to be in a protective mask will be made on board.

What will be the consequences of the refusal to wear a protective mask – each air carrier will determine for himself. One option is blacklisting.

At the same time, flight attendants can not force passengers to wear masks if they remove them or neglect the rules.

Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines have agreed to such rules.

Airlines also offer certain exceptions for young children, people with disabilities, and when people eat or drink.

Some airlines and trade unions called for the adoption of a rule at the federal level, requiring the decontamination of aircraft, the mandatory wearing of masks, and the number of seats that should be sold on each flight.

The Allied Pilots Association, representing American Airlines pilot companies, said:

“Now is not the time for airlines to compete with each other when it comes to security.”