Pat Sajak Host of Wheel of Fortune Takes Aim At Contestant While she’s Struggling To Find right letter

The 75-year-old then mocked the contestant’s technique of asking the alphabet on the board.After successfully answering each $1000 as well as $2000 “Toss-Up” Terresa, the participant Terresa is the first ready to complete the game on the show’s Crossword Puzzle.

Pat gave the hint of “blank-taco” and then let the participant to spin.

She was able to complete most of the puzzle, covering the board with guesses of vowels purchased and consonants.

The TV host seemed angry in the moment Teressa seemed to stop before introducing the contents of her letter.Later on the round following landing on a wedge offering the possibility of a trip towards San Francisco, Terresa appeared to be frozen before making her decision.

Pat encouraged her to rush and warn her that she “need an urgent letter.”

The contestant correctly yelled “T,” as Pat told she to “say it fast,” which led to Teressa to apologize.

After a short time Instead of yelling the letter as usual, Terresa stated: “I would like to see the letter N.”Prompting Pat to mock her request, and then repeat: “She would like to have an N.”

The contestant was able to guess the letter before the final spin, and before he finally guessed incorrectly, Pat chided: “So now, what do you want to write… And please don’t be snubbed out.”


In the last segment of the show, Pat was snarky with the contestant who was unable to finish solving the final problem.

Terresa earned $38,400 in the main event, prior to taking part in the bonus Wheel of Fortune round.

After choosing “Phrase,” over the alternatives from “Thing” and “Event,” Terresa was given a problem to figure out.

The board displayed a phrase comprised of three words. beginning with the letter “A” in the very first word, followed by three letters in the second and five letters in the final.

The contestant was provided with the letters “T,” “E,” and “N,” before she mistakenly predicted that the alphabet was “G,” “H,” “P,” and “O.”

In the absence of any assistance being sought She was given 10 seconds to figure out the correct answer.

As Pat declared: “It would be a very miraculous solution,” should she be able to figure out the correct expression.

After grabbing at straws and whiffing at several attempts, the buzzer rang and Pat began to rant: “You could have stood there for a long time for the rest of the ice age, and tried, but you were not going to make it.”

The board displayed the words, which were spelled out “cute as well as fuzzy.”

He eased the blow by saying, “I’m a little emotional because it was my nickname at the high school.”


It appears Pat has had enough after a picture taken of Pat’s Wheel of Fortune host posing with a controversial character was recently shared on social media.

A picture of Pat and Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene 48, went viral on the internet just days before the show.

Marjorie is well-known for her extreme views and propagating conspiracy theories. many of her fans got fed up after seeing Pat pose with such a controversial persona.

While the photo was taken at the beginning of this month however, it gained attention after it was re-shared via a Twitter account, and became national news.

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