Pavel Durov: Apple and Google “destroy startups around the world”

“Almost every month, Telegram holds contests for developers. The winners of these contests, the best programmers in the world, have received millions of dollars from us as prizes, ”the entrepreneur wrote. He noted that about half of the winners of such competitions are Russians. They are followed by citizens of Ukraine and Belarus.

Four years ago, Telegram decided to launch a platform for game creators: on it, developers could publish their applications, and users could download them. However, the idea was never realized.

“Apple has banned us from launching the gaming platform, citing its own rules. We had to remove the Telegram games catalog that we had already created and almost the entire platform interface – otherwise Apple threatened us with removing Telegram from the AppStore. ”

Durov believes that Apple and Google enjoy their monopoly position, requiring developers to transfer 30% of the proceeds to it. “Application developers have only two-thirds of the money they earned […] Often this is not enough to cover all costs,” the entrepreneur writes.

“In fact, today all the developers of the world who sell premium and digital services to smartphone users work for Apple and Google to a greater extent than for themselves. As a result, Apple and Google accumulate tens of billions of dollars in their offshore accounts, while hundreds of thousands of local development teams around the world are on the brink of economic survival. ”

The entrepreneur believes that to solve this problem, a number of government measures should be taken. “Never before have digital service developers been so powerless and addicted. Even in the era of Microsoft’s total hegemony in the operating system market in the 1990s, application developers were free to distribute their Windows programs without paying a percentage of their Microsoft earnings. ”