“Peace from a position of strength”: Trump announced the best American weapon

US President Donald Trump said that the creation of the world’s best hypersonic weapons will allow the country to build the world from a position of strength. According to him, Russia, China and North Korea “envy” the power of the US military. Earlier, he talked about the “super-duper” rocket, which will be “the fastest in the world.”

The United States intends to build the world from a position of strength, said US President Donald Trump. He stressed that the country became the most powerful state in terms of weapons after new types of weapons were created.

“We have the most powerful [military] forces right now. Russia, China, North Korea and all other countries in the world envy us. There is no one who has something close to the weapons that we have. And we hope that we will never, never, God forbid, have to use it.

But we will establish peace from a position of strength.

That’s what it’s all for, “Trump said during a speech at a rally in Wisconsin.

The day before, Trump said that the United States did not have hypersonic weapons for a long time, because other countries “stole” American developments. “We didn’t have them [before] because other countries stole our plans from the Obama administration, but now we have hydrosonic missiles,” he said. It is not the first time that the head of state has made such a reservation, calling hypersonic missiles “hydrosonic”.

A month earlier, the President of the United States claimed that the country has weapons that are unknown to anyone. “We have systems that nobody knows about. To be honest, it would be better if it stays that way, ”he said in September.

According to him, American specialists are creating excellent weapons. In addition, funding for the army has made the military “stronger than ever before.” Over the past three years, the state has invested $ 2.5 trillion in the development of the American Armed Forces, Trump recalled.

In May of this year, the President of the United States announced the emergence of a “super duper” rocket, which at that time was in the development stage. According to him, it will be a hypersonic projectile capable of speeds 17 times higher than the speed of other missiles in the world. Trump said it would be the “world’s fastest” rocket.

Two months after this announcement, the Pentagon confirmed that the missile was tested in the Pacific in the spring. We are talking about a special unit that is mounted on conventional ballistic missiles, RBK reports.

In October this year, the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, announced that such “super-duper” missiles are planned to be put into service with the US ground forces by 2023.

“We are increasing our investments in hypersonic technology over the next five years to accelerate testing and develop these capabilities for fighters,” he added, speaking at the annual meeting of the nongovernmental US Army Association.

He said that joint tests of the planning block were carried out in March by the army and the navy. According to the United States Secretary of Defense, hypersonic weapons are “at the top of the priority list” of the US Army. Esper noted that the country’s authorities are sending unprecedented human and financial resources to the development of such weapons.

So in December last year, the head of the Pentagon announced that in 2020 funding for the development of hypersonic land, air and sea-based ammunition would be doubled, since the United States lagged behind Russia and China in the production of such weapons.

According to the American media, nine projects are currently being implemented in the interests of the military. Flight tests of several prototypes are scheduled for 2020.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously stated that the emergence of Russian hypersonic weapons made it pointless to spend huge amounts of money on its containment.

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