Pelosi found Trump to be insane and dangerous

Pelosi found Trump to be insane and dangerous

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called U.S. President Donald Trump a crazy and dangerous man.

According to her, the executive branch of the country is currently represented by an unstable president. “And we only have a few days before we can be protected from him. He has done something so serious that criminal charges should be brought against him,” Pelosi explained.

The representative of the lower house accused the American leader of sedition and felt that he should pay a price for it. She added that Democrats are in favor of impeaching Trump because they fear that he will avoid punishment for the Capitol riots, which they believe he instigated, and will be able to run for president again.

On Jan. 7, Democratic congressmen prepared and circulated a proposal for a resolution to impeach the incumbent U.S. leader. The speaker of the House of Representatives stressed that Trump should be removed from power immediately. According to her statement, the country’s leader has committed “subversive acts” and should be removed in accordance with the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on the President’s inability to perform his duties.

During the same interview, Pelosi called Trump a servant of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I don’t know what the Russians have on President Trump – personal, political, financial,” she said, noting that she had no other explanation for the American leader’s behavior.

The storming of the Capitol building in the United States occurred on January 6 during a rally of Trump supporters who did not recognize the results of the November vote, which resulted in the election of Democrat Joe Biden as president. The rally led to clashes with police. Five people were killed and dozens detained.