Pentagon condemns Trump’s statement on deploying army to quell protests, – CNN

11 months ago

The Pentagon noted that the deployment of the army to suppress protests in the United States is inappropriate

This is discussed in CNN material.

Earlier, Trump announced that if state or city leaders refuse to “take the actions necessary to protect the lives and property of their residents,” he will refer to the Uprising Act, a 1807 law that allows the president to deploy US forces to suppress civil unrest.

Pentagon officials tell CNN that the situation does not yet require the deployment of troops in the army.

“I believe that we in America should not get used to the fact that the military is in a position where they have to ensure security,” said Army Major General Thomas Cardin.

Earlier, Trump threatened to use the Uprising Act, as protests swept many US cities after the murder by police of black American George Floyd in Minneapolis. The US President called on law enforcement to “dominate people.”

“It is imperative that local law enforcement agencies be accountable,” said a spokeswoman for the Department of Defense, citing laws prohibiting the military from law enforcement in the United States.

In addition, some units of the National Guard are uncomfortable with the mission to ensure civil order, of which more are mobilized in the United States than ever in history.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump compared the participants in the riots in the United States, with members of the antifascist organization Antifa, which he had previously proposed to recognize as terrorist. Then he accused the Antifa movement of riots.

Recall, on May 28, in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) protests and clashes with law enforcement agencies broke out. On the night of May 29, protesters in Minneapolis burned down a police station.

On May 30, a number of protesters staged pogroms in stores. Already on June 1, protests after the murder by police of black American George Floyd swept the whole country. Also, protests took place in Berlin and London.

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