Pentagon denied Biden’s words about obstacles to the transfer of power

Pentagon denied Biden's words about obstacles to the transfer of power

Acting U.S. Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller denied President-elect Joe Biden’s words about the obstacles in the transfer of power.

According to him, the department is taking all possible efforts within the framework of the transfer of powers to the new administration. Miller noted that the Pentagon continues to plan additional meetings for the remainder of the transition period.

“The Defense Department’s efforts are already exceeding similar efforts of previous administrations,” Miller said.

Earlier, Biden complained about obstacles in the transition of power from the Pentagon. “In some departments we were accommodated, but in some, most obviously in the Defense Department, we were obstructed by the political leadership,” the politician said.

December 15, it became known that the U.S. presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, got the electoral college votes needed to win the presidential race. The incumbent U.S. leader Donald Trump has repeatedly refused to accept his defeat in the U.S. presidential election. He believes that Biden lost the election “by a wide margin in all six swing states” and that the results were rigged.