Pentagon ordered to stop cooperating with Biden’s transition team

Pentagon ordered to stop cooperating with Biden's transition team

Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Chris Miller ordered to stop cooperation with the transition team of U.S. President-elect Joseph Biden.

It is specified that the question of resuming cooperation remained open. Currently, all meetings concerning the transfer of power to the future administration have been canceled. In this case, according to the portal, the Ministry officials are “shocked” by the decision of the head of the Pentagon and do not know whether it has been agreed with the current U.S. leader Donald Trump.

The Axios piece called the action “the largest manifestation of hostility and mistrust toward Biden’s team by the Trump administration.”

On December 15, it became known that Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden received the electoral college votes necessary to win the presidential race.

Earlier, Biden had announced a speech to celebrate his victory in the election. He noted that the election was fair and called for unity among the people. The politician also called to fight the pandemic and develop a package of measures to support the economy.

On November 3, the U.S. held another presidential election. Biden won the number of electoral votes necessary for victory and beat the incumbent head of state Donald Trump.