Pentagon suspends briefings by Biden’s team

Pentagon suspends briefings by Biden's team

Acting Secretary of Defense of the United States Chris Miller ordered to stop cooperating with Joe Biden’s transition team on the transfer of power and to cancel all scheduled meetings with representatives of the future administration and briefings.

This is reported by the publication Axios.

It is specified that the Pentagon officials were allegedly “shocked” by this decision of Miller and do not know whether such a step was approved by the current U.S. President Donald Trump. According to the newspaper, the Pentagon chief’s decision was the biggest manifestation of mistrust and hostility between the teams of the current and elected heads of the White House.

Miller himself later assured that the Pentagon would continue to support the process of handing over power to the Biden team. Since Nov. 23, he said, 139 briefings and 900 pages of classified information have been provided to the Democratic team.

“The Department of Defense will continue to provide the necessary support for the inspection team to ensure the safety of the country and citizens. The Department did not cancel or refuse to conduct interviews. After a mutually agreed upon pause in advance of the holidays, which begins Dec. 19, we will continue the transition process and hold the meetings scheduled for today,” Miller said.

Meanwhile, Biden’s transition team insists it did not have an agreement with the Defense Department to stop briefings over the Christmas holiday. Johannes Abraham, head of the Democrat transition team, said.

“Let me be clear. There was no mutual agreement to pause for the holidays. We actually think it’s important to continue to hold briefings and other events during a time when time is of the essence. This becomes especially clear after a pause like this,” he stressed.