People in the US write about the demands of protesters.

Against the backdrop of the murder of the black criminal Floyd, many African Americans lost their roof. They staged such pogroms that there are albeit small, but fears that America might fully be drawn into a civil war. The shelling of the White House in 1993 in Moscow is not even near compared to what is happening in a number of US cities. African Americans quite seriously put forward demands for the superiority of their race over the “white”. Here are their basic requirements, according to American publications:

Here are 8 requirements for white people:

  1. White people, if you have no descendants, bequeath your property to a black or brown family.
  2. If you inherit property that you intend to sell after acceptance, give it to the black or brown family. You will definitely earn this money in some other white privileged way.
  3. If you are a builder, build a comfortable complex in a black or brown ruined area and let black and brown people live in it for free.
  4. If you are a property owner, give your home to a black or brown family.
  5. If one of the people to whom you intend to leave your property is racist, change the will in favor of a black or brown family.
  6. Review your monthly budget so you can donate to black funds regularly.
  7. One who admits that in his presence they speak poorly of blacks must be fired, even if he is the boss.
  8. Devote yourself to two things: combating white supremacy, where and how you can (if, for example, knitting, knit scarves for black-brown children) and financing black-brown people.

The marginal cattle (they are the ones who protest, normal people of all races work and benefit the state), parasitizing due to benefits and compensations for past persecutions, requires de facto, establishment of racism in relation, attention, to the white population. I treat all nations normally, and most African Americans are normal people who have been held hostage by such “brothers.” Now the opposite effect can happen: only people of the African race who have recently received a quiet life are now at risk of becoming victims of pogroms on the basis of their nationality. And all because of idiots who, not working a day, can only spoil other people’s property. Such must be deported to hell, because they are a hotbed of crime.