Peru elected third president in a week

Francisco Sagasti, member of the Peruvian congress, has been elected interim president of the country.

97 parliamentarians voted for Sagasti, 26 were against. Mirta Vasquez will take over as vice president. The new interim head of state is expected to take the oath of office on Tuesday, November 17.

Francisco Sagasti – engineer, former World Bank official becomes the third president of the country in a week. On November 15, Manuel Merino, who had ruled the country since November 10, when his predecessor Martin Viscarre was impeached due to corruption charges, announced his resignation from the post of interim President of Peru. According to the laws of the country, Speaker of Parliament Merino became the new head of state, after which a new government was formed.

Merino resigned amid street protests. He is accused of conniving at the harsh actions of the police in dispersing the demonstrators, which resulted in the death of at least two people. One of the protests was harshly suppressed by the police, two people were killed, which provoked new riots. After that, more than half of the members of the Peruvian government resigned; they took office on November 12 after the new government was formed. Among the outgoing officials are the ministers of defense, internal affairs, justice, economics and health.

Martin Viscarra has led Peru since March 2018. The reason for his impeachment was the testimony of witnesses who collaborated with the investigation in the case of corruption during construction in the Mokegua region in 2011-2014. According to their testimony, as a result of the distribution of contracts, Wizcarra received bribes in the amount of more than 600 thousand US dollars. Scheduled presidential elections in the country are scheduled for April 2021.

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