Pet owners urged to maintain social distance between pets

Pet owners must maintain social distance between pets when walking to eliminate the risk of spreading coronavirus infection. This opinion was expressed by Swedish experts in an interview with the 20 Minuten portal.

Anicura veterinarian, Johann Kaufmann, noted that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has called for keeping distance not only between humans but also animals. So, while walking the dog, you should keep the pet at a distance of at least two meters from other four-legged animals. As for cats, the owners were advised to exclude forays into the street. Kaufmann warned that there is a possibility that the infection can persist for a long time in animal fur and in nasal secretions.

Volker Thiel, a virologist at the University of Bern, agreed that keeping distance is a reasonable measure to reduce the likelihood of the spread of COVID-19, given that scientists do not yet have a definite answer to the question of whether the disease can be transmitted to owners from pets. “Social distancing is as good for pets as it is for humans. This measure minimizes the likelihood that the pet can infect the owner, ”he said.

Portal 20 Minuten noted that the Swiss Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Medicine is studying the risks of transmission of the coronavirus to humans through animals.

Previously, scientists have listed animals that can become infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and be its carriers. Many mammals examined have the potential to become infected, including domestic cats, dogs, minks, lions, tigers, and ferrets and macaques.