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Philadelphia Mayor Announces Police Inspection During Protests

Philadelphia Mayor Announces Police Inspection During Protests

The authorities of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) will conduct a thorough audit of police actions during protest demonstrations in this city over the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota). This is stated in the message of mayor Jim Kenny, published on Monday on his website.

“Our reaction to recent demonstrations indicates the need to work to strengthen confidence with the population. An independent investigation will examine how the city authorities responded to a number of incidents and how the police used force,” the report said.

According to the mayor, investigators will focus on the actions of law enforcement during the protests in Philadelphia from May 29 to June 15. They will analyze the police reports, the data of their service video recorders, complaints received, testimonies of eyewitnesses and victims, as well as media materials and records of protesters on social networks. City Hall will review the results of the investigation and recommendations made on how to improve the work of the city police.

Democrats in the US Congress a week ago introduced a bill aimed at conducting massive police reform in response to massive protests in the country. The initiative, in particular, prohibits law enforcement officers from using asphyxiating techniques, creates a national database to track police misconduct, and also prohibits the issuance of a warrant in some cases to allow policemen to break into a house without warning. As part of the proposed reform, the responsibility of law enforcement officers is increasing, including for acts of violence and arbitrariness against suspects.

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