Photographer fled Dubai after being accused of a nude photo shoot

1 week ago

Russian photographer Alexander Ten fled Dubai to his native St Petersburg after UAE authorities suspected him of shooting nude models, a knowledgeable source said.

Ten managed to leave the Emirates with his girlfriend before the police arrived. According to local law enforcement authorities, Ten was the photographer of the scandalous photo shoot on the balcony of a Dubai hotel, while the detained Russian Alexei Kontsov was the organizer.

According to Ten, he did not know Kontsov and had only heard about the “nude photo shoot” from the media. However, he confirmed that he had recently been to Dubai and left there on April 3.

The report said that the emirate’s prosecutor’s office has completed its investigation into the dissemination of a nude video on the Internet and has made a decision on the incident.

“The participants will be deported from the UAE,” local authorities said.

One of the direct participants in the “nude photo shoot” in Dubai told us the details of the scandalous event and named the organizers

According to the source, the Ukrainian Vitalii Grechin (pictured) was the organizer of the photo shoot, while the Russian Alexei Kontsov, who was in the room during the whole process, was supposedly the sponsor. They also confirmed that the models were photographed by Alexander Ten from St. Petersburg.

And initially the girls were promised another photographer, a more famous one. But at the last moment stellar photoguru refused, and then little-known Ten was called from St. Petersburg. After that about ten girls refused to be filmed.

In total, Kiev’s “naked landing force” in Dubai numbered about 30 models. Some had known Grechin for a long time, who “promotes” the Play Boy analog in Ukraine. According to our source, he regularly arranges such shootings, and this time the fuss could have been avoided if not for Kontsov, who posted the picture from the balcony on the social networking site.

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