Pickup Tesla Cybertruck Can Cross Rivers, Lakes And In Other Places

Elon Musk, Tesla’s head, stated in social media that the Cybertruck pickup which the company is planning to launch can “shrink rivers and lakes, wind the sea”

Musk described daylight wind as the primary mindset for swimming in the oceans. Cybertruck is waterproof so it can be worn on the water surface. However, you can still see through the skils if necessary.

Tesley stated earlier in spring 2020 that the Cybertruck could sail “every hour”. However, this statement does not include details. It is impossible to know what “a good hour” is to move the sea.

The 2019 Cybertruck rolls are still not on the assembly line. Musk explained that the terms of the launch of this model were repeatedly delayed due to low economic change. The middle of 2023 is the orientation hour for the cob of extraordinary manufacturing.

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