Pipelayer “Academician Chersky” departed from the completion point of “Nord Stream 2”

Pipelayer "Academician Chersky" departed from the completion point of "Nord Stream 2"

Russian pipelayer “Academician Chersky”, who was almost two days at the point of interruption of one of the two (the longest) thread of the completion of “Nord Stream 2”, on Tuesday night again went into motion.

According to the data of the International Maritime Vessel Positioning System, at 23:00 Moscow time the vessel headed for the North-East.

Theoretically, its target could be the end point of the other line of the highway for work or inspection on it. This point is approximately on the ship’s course.

Earlier it was reported that the Academician Chersky may begin work on the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on December 5, which is the deadline for the permit. “According to our current data,” Nord Stream 2 “plans to use” Academician Chersky “- told Interfax representative of the German Federal Office of Shipping and Hydrography BSH Merle Mansfeld.

“Gazprom decided to complete the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on its own after the work was halted by the Swiss contractor Allseas (Pioneering Spirit, Solitaire and Audacia were involved) due to the US sanctions. After that Gazprom decided to use its own pipe-laying vessel – Academician Chersky, an upgraded vessel in Nakhodka.

In May the vessel completed its crossing from the Russian Far East to the Baltic Sea, after which it repeatedly crossed between Murkan and Kaliningrad. Each time before this weekend, “Academician Chersky” passed the zone of completion of “Nord Stream 2” without stopping.

On Saturday and Sunday, the pipe-layer was constantly at almost the same point of the sea. There were no signs that the vessel began laying pipes.