Pipelayer of “Nord Stream-2” began to return to the port in less than a day of swimming

Pipelayer of "Nord Stream-2" began to return to the port in less than a day of swimming

Russian pipelayer “Fortuna”, which came out on Saturday morning from the German port of Wismar and has already taken the course to the east – in the direction of where the completion zone of “Nord Stream 2”, in the evening changed its direction to the opposite, follows from the data of the international positioning system of ships.

Now the ship has stopped at sea 26 km from the port of Wismar. “Fortuna” is accompanied by a Russian supply ship “Katun”. Reliable data on the purpose of the vessel’s destination in the positioning systems are not transmitted.

Official sources have not yet explained the reason for the vessel’s return.

Earlier it was reported that the pipelayer with anchor positioning (which is “Fortuna”) is planned to use on the completion of a 3-kilometer stretch of highway in the exclusive economic zone of Germany. The Federal Office of Shipping and Hydrography BSH reported that it will be “Fortune” that will carry out the works on the section.

Another Russian pipelayer (more modern) with dynamic positioning system “Academician Chersky” on Saturday morning was at the point of interruption of one of the threads of “Nord Stream-2”.

“Gazprom decided to complete the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline on its own after the USA imposed sanctions on the project operator, Nord Stream 2. Because of these sanctions the work was stopped by the contractor – Swiss Allseas, which laid the pipes. Three vessels of the company were involved in pipe laying – Pioneering Spirit, Solitaire and Audacia.