Pirates of the Caribbean-6. Gillan VS Depp

In all the news portals of the Internet a day ago, the news thundered that the beloved (best, magnificent and irreplaceable) Johnny Depp in the continuation of the (beloved, best magnificent) series of films “Pirates of the Caribbean-6” will be replaced by the Scottish actress Karen Gillan.

In my purely personal opinion, there are several reasons:

The obvious reason for Depp’s refusal because of which he did not accept this role was upsetting the directors (and probably a large part of the fans), and they were forced to urgently come up with something. Why reinvent the wheel, if now the topic of women and their independence is rapidly moving to the height of hype?
The desire to do something extremely new (no), which will create a WOW effect (also not) and will raise another acutely social topic by changing the minds of stupid chauvinists about GIRL PWR and please feminists from all over the world
I’d like to repeat the previous success, but there are no such large-scale and cool ideas yet. I have to suck out of the finger, because it is necessary. Although if you look at the analytics, then, usually, such restarts and remakes did not break the cash budget

Karen Gillan is a wonderful actress, feminists are wonderful people, and childhood must be broken. Is it money? Cheap hype?

(Okay, not very cheap. According to forecasts, the budget will be in the order of hundreds of green lemons)

There are many questions, few answers. I sincerely love and will love the Pirates universe, I undertake to review old episodes and cry with a bottle of bitter in my hands, and Jack Sparrow … wait, wait … CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow stole my heart back in 2006

It is time to accept the fact that the world is changing, we are all aging and, as they say, “there will be no spring.” So far, worthy remakes and restarts of cult full-length films have not come to my mind, but I will follow the news with my skeptical interest, I will definitely go to the premiere (if I survive) and after that I will draw conclusions.

And while there is no officially confirmed data on this whole story, I will believe that the people will get okay and stop making female remakes on serious cabbage soup.