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Pitt won a five-year lawsuit against Jolie

Pitt won a five-year lawsuit against Jolie

The court sided with Brad Pitt in his proceedings with Angelina Jolie over child custody.

The case between the ex-spouses, which lasted twice as long as their marriage, is finished, Page Six reports. That is the opinion of the court in California and Pitt’s lawyers, who won him the right to joint custody of the children with Jolie. Representatives of the actor stressed that he set a goal from the beginning to keep the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with his heirs. The decision was based, including the reports of various professionals who worked with children of the Hollywood couple.

But Jolie’s aides are sure that this is only a comma, not a point in the proceedings with Pitt. The actress assures that her goal was not to deprive Brad of custody by all means, but to prove the fact that he could be a danger to the heirs. In particular, Angelina accuses her ex-spouse of domestic violence against children. The couple’s eldest son testified to this. Jolie asked the court to allow her minor heirs to speak at the meetings, but was refused. The actress accused ministers of the law of pandering to Pitt and unwillingness to objectively consider the case.

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