10 months ago

Planet 9 may be a black hole in the solar system

10 months ago

Is Planet 9 a black hole in the solar system? There is only one way to find out.

Astrophysicists at Harvard University Amir Siraj and Avi Loeb believe that the new telescope currently under construction in Chile will answer this question accurately. If a black hole at the boundary of the system really exists, it will be the discovery of the century – much more fundamental than Planet 9.

The Rubin Observatory on top of Cerro Pachon in the Chilean Elki Valley will launch a new telescope in 2022, and then the issue will be resolved within a year, the authors say.

It is assumed that Planet 9 is a super-Earth – a planet approximately 5-15 times larger than Earth. Its existence would explain why the objects in the Kuiper belt objects are grouped in a certain way. Planet 9 is considered unlikely because there is not enough matter in the solar system to form a planet the size of a super-earth so far from the star. Which led astronomers to come up with some even crazier-sounding theories, including the presence of a black hole in that area.

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