PlayStation 5 fails an important test. Games on Xbox Series X load faster

Both consoles have SSDs, but the loading speed of games differs markedly not in favor of the PlayStation 5

Game consoles of the next generation – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X – are distinguished by high speed of loading games, because instead of HDD they use solid-state drives. However, as it turned out, SSD SSDs are different. Game download speeds differ between the two consoles, and not in favor of the Sony device.

Below are the test results. The first is the time from clicking on the icon of the corresponding game until the main menu appears on the screen, the second is the time it takes to load a saved game from a menu or a specific level.

Batman: Arkham Knight:

PlayStation 5: 41:39 and 17:30 s;
Xbox Series X: 40:35 and 11:68 s.

Destiny 2:

PlayStation 5: 50:14 and 46:58 s;
Xbox Series X: 34:26 and 37:27 s.

Final Fantasy XV

PlayStation 5: 39:06 and 25:09 s;
Xbox Series X: 33:12 & 10:11 s.

Monster Hunter World:

PlayStation 5: 31:39 and 13:08 s;
Xbox Series X: 11:17 pm and 6:21 s.

Red Dead Redemption 2:

PlayStation 5: 30:16 and 34:35 s;
Xbox Series X: 26:24 and 36:26 s.

As you can see, Xbox Series X loads all of the above games faster. And although overall loading has significantly accelerated compared to the current generation consoles, such a noticeable loss to the Sony console looks significant. However, game makers are going to release patches that should speed up the loading of games. Perhaps retesting after the release of these patches will rehabilitate the PlayStation 5. At least partially.