PlayStation 5 sales will be limited

Sony’s next generation set-top box sales will be limited due to high demand. This was reported by a Reddit user who read the source code of the Japanese company’s website.

A user under the nickname Kgarvey found a mention in the PlayStation website code that the console will be sold on pre-order. The description mentioned a technical error message when a customer tried to put two copies of the console in the shopping cart. Specifically, the consumer will see two notifications – “You can only purchase one console: digital or floppy version” and “You have already added the PS5 console to the cart.”

According to visitors to the platform, by doing so, Sony intends to limit sales due to increased demand in the first months after the release of the console. The company is also concerned that due to the excitement there will be cases of speculation. The restriction is likely to be lifted after demand for the console decreases.

Earlier, Bloomberg and Nikkei announced that the Japanese corporation had revised plans for the production of a game console. Sources familiar with the situation said that Sony intends to increase production of the PS5. This decision is driven by the increased demand for the console.