Police arrested a mother who left her newborn to die in a garbage can outside a church

Authorities said a mother who left her newborn in a trash bin outside a church in North Carolina was detained

Meriuri Estefani Kalix-Macedo, 21, was arrested by Wilmington police on charges of attempted murder in the first degree – days after a local resident discovered the newborn boy while walking her dog. According to defenders of law and order, the child was “left to die.” Cynthia Burton, whose timely intervention saved the baby’s life, told reporters what happened – and how she saw the boy in blood and with an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.

“I realized that he was still alive, and that was a good sign. – recalls Burton – But I also understood that we had little time. ” Fortunately, the child was promptly taken to the hospital. According to the Wilmington police, he is “healthy and well.” Calix-Macedo was taken into custody. The amount of her pledge is $ 800 thousand.