Police ask help for finding a suspect

Police say another woman was attacked near Roncesvalles Avenue and The Queensway in Toronto. A man unknown to her spat on her and ran away. The last such incident occurred this week on Wednesday.

This became known the day after the police issued a press release stating that they were investigating a series of similar attacks in the area, which they believed were being carried out by the same person.

He attacks only women – he can hit, spit, splash some drink in the face. The first attack took place back in May – a 50-year-old woman was injured.

Today, the police are investigating five more such incidents. The most recent attack took place on the same day as local residents gathered in a nearby park to discuss the situation and develop a security strategy.

According to police, the suspect is between 25 and 40 years old, thin, with black hair. At the time of the last incident, he was wearing a black baseball cap, orange T-shirt and gray shorts.

The investigation continues, and the police, which have increased their patrolling of the area, released a photo of the suspect taken by the security camera.

Anyone with information on incidents is asked to contact the police service.