Police detain suspects in the robbery of the treasury in Dresden

Police on Tuesday morning in Berlin detained three suspects in the high-profile robbery of the Green Vault Museum in Dresden.

According to him, 1,638 policemen took part in the operation.

The Green Vault (Grunes Gewolbe) is the former treasury of the Saxon Elector Augustus the Strong and has been operating as a museum since 1724. The museum contains about 3 thousand exhibits of gold, silver, precious stones, ivory and other valuable materials. It got its name due to the fact that earlier in one of the halls there were columns painted in malachite green.

The robbery took place in November 2019, diamonds of the 18th century were stolen, in particular, elements of three headsets, a sword hilt inlaid with 770 diamonds, a royal pearl necklace, a diamond Polish Order of the White Eagle, pendants and pendants.

The three men detained are reported to belong to the major Arab crime family, Remmo.