Police officers in an SUV “drove” over protesters in the United States

In Chicago, America, police in a black SUV did not stop when protesters stood in front of their car.

“American Chicago police officers are simply crushing protesters who interfere with the passage of their SUV,” the video caption says. The footage shows how the car goes directly to people. In response, they began to scream and hit the wheels and body of the car.

Earlier in July, protesters against racial injustice and police violence in the US city of Portland broke into a police association building and started a fire. One of the residents of the United States, an African American, doused with black ink the inscription Black Lives Matter (“Black Lives Are Important”) opposite the Trump Tower in New York.

Protests, accompanied by riots, were engulfed in dozens of US cities. The cause of the protests was the death in Minneapolis of black guard George Floyd, who died after a gross arrest. Speeches against police brutality are held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New York, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit and many other cities.