Police showed video of George Floyd’s arrest

Police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, showed reporters a video from the body camera of one of the police officers who arrested African-American George Floyd. It is reported by MSNBC.

The record was not transmitted to the press, because, as stated by the police, this is important evidence, but the journalists watched it due to the decision of the judge and retold the content. According to the reporter, the police talked with a store employee where they got a call about using counterfeit bills and headed for Floyd’s car. Officer Thomas Lane, shining a flashlight, knocked on the window. Floyd opened the door, but showed the officer only one hand, and he, following the instructions, took out a weapon and aimed it at the African American. He was scared, sobbed, prayed, and even put his head on the steering wheel, reports CNN, who got acquainted with the video from two body cameras.

After about three minutes, Floyd was dragged out of the car and tried to handcuff him. Officers began to push him into their car and at some point the African American first complained that he could not breathe. Then Floyd falls onto the asphalt and the three of them (there were four in total) put him in handcuffs and officer Derek Chauvin applies a strangulation to his knee. Then Floyd pronounces his last words, and after nine minutes, physicians come to the place and pick up the “absolutely motionless” body, CNN notes. In total, from the beginning of the recording to the last words of the African American, 16 minutes pass.

All police officers involved in Floyd’s arrest are fired and are under investigation.