Political scientist announced a possible war between the US and China

12 months ago

The trade and economic confrontation between the US and China could develop into an open military conflict, said Fedor Lukyanov, political scientist and director of science at Valdai Club. He noted that this scenario cannot be ruled out. At least on the example of Taiwan, because of which a full-scale armed conflict with far-reaching consequences could erupt.

Lukyanov noted that before Washington and Beijing followed some rules, but recently the situation has worsened. However, in general, neither China nor the United States intends to bring the situation to a hot war. This is not in line with China’s strategy, and Trump does not like to wage wars “it’s not clear where.”

There will be no confrontation between China and the United States, resembling a cold war between the United States and the Soviet Socialist Republic. Because unlike the USSR, China has no allies anywhere in the world, at least take the Middle East.

China and the United States may embark on a large-scale trade and economic war and further severance of ties in this area, which will have important consequences. The economies of both giants are interconnected, and such a confrontation will affect both of them. “And such damage to the economy and social stability is fraught with the next phase of aggravation – already military-political,” Lukyanov emphasized.

Recall that earlier, US President Donald Trump announced a possible severance of relations with China due to the coronavirus pandemic, for which, in his opinion, Beijing bears responsibility.

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