Poll: Part of U.S. Jews think Israel is an “apartheid state”

A quarter of American Jews agree that Israel “is an apartheid state.”

This is evidenced by the results of a poll commissioned by the Jewish Electoral Institute JEI after the fighting between Israel and Hamas in May 2021.

34% compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to racism in the United States. 25% of respondents agreed with the statement that “Israel is an apartheid state.” 22% believe that “Israel is committing genocide.”

Young people were the most likely to agree with these statements. According to the poll, overall, 9% of voters agreed with the statement: “Israel has no right to exist.” Among respondents under the age of 40, the proportion was 20%. A third of younger voters agreed that Israel is committing genocide.

Sixty-seven percent felt that the statement about Israel having no right to exist was anti-Semitic.