10 months ago

Pompeo called Bolton a traitor

10 months ago

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called former presidential adviser on security John Bolton a traitor. This is stated in his written statement.

Pompeo admitted that he did not read Bolton’s book, but expressed the opinion that the author disseminates false statements in it, as well as “a stretched half-truth and direct fabrications.” According to him, the former adviser abused the confidence of the American people, which caused damage to the country.

“To my friends around the world, I want to say: you know that President Trump’s America is the power of good,” the Secretary of State concluded.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump also said that his former assistant’s new book is a collection of lies. According to him, many of the statements that Bolton ascribes to him have never been made.

The publication of excerpts from the memoirs of a former adviser to the US president on national security worried the country’s intelligence community. In addition to information about Trump’s cooperation with China, Bolton also revealed that the head of state was interested in whether Finland was part of Russia, and did not know that Britain was a nuclear power.

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