Pompeo called China the main external threat to the United States

China is the main external threat to the United States in the medium and long term, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News.

“The biggest external threat facing the United States in the medium and long term is the threat from the regime in China today, [this is] the Chinese Communist Party under the leadership of [Chinese President] Xi Jinping,” Pompeo quoted TASS as saying.

Recall that in early September, Pompeo said that the most serious threat to the United States from a foreign power comes from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He also compared US-China relations with the new Cold War, highlighting the willingness of US leader Donald Trump to confront China “on all fronts.”

In August, the US Secretary of State called China “a greater threat to the world than the USSR.” In the same month, the head of US National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, confirmed that China poses a “much greater danger” to the United States than Russia.

In July, Pompeo delivered a historic speech at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, southern California, where he announced the collapse of the previous policy of reckless US-China engagement, stressing that Washington would “no longer turn a blind eye to fundamental political and ideological differences.” with Beijing.

The VZGLYAD newspaper said that Russia had lost the status of the main enemy of the United States, and also explained the influence of the upcoming presidential elections in the United States on the choice of the United States’ geopolitical enemy.