Pompeo: Maduro “destroys his people and must leave”

The Venezuelan President is “destroying his people” and “must leave.” This was announced on Friday by the US Secretary of State while visiting a Venezuelan refugee camp in the Brazilian border town of Boa Vista. Michael Pompeo is making a 4-day tour of South America. In Boa Vista, Pompeo noted the “difficult situation” in which 5 million Venezuelan citizens found themselves forced to leave the country.

The day before – in addition to Brazil – the US Secretary of State visited Guyana, where he discussed the possibility of concluding an agreement in the field of security.

“We talked about the need for democracy in Venezuela and about the need to put an end to the illegitimate regime that denies this very democracy. The people of Guyana value it so much, and the people of Venezuela are deprived of it,” Michael Pompeo said at a press conference with President of Guyana Mohamed Irfaan Ali. The US Secretary of State called Nicolas Maduro “the indicted drug dealer.”

In response, the Venezuelan president called Michael Pompeo a “warmonger”. In his opinion, the US Secretary of State was unable to secure support for military action against his country.

“Pompeo is making a militaristic tour of South America, but it turned out to be bad for him,” Maduro said in a televised speech. “Pompeo’s attempts to get regional governments to organize a war against Venezuela have failed.”

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Speaking in Caracas, Nicolas Maduro also said that the number of Venezuelan citizens who joined the ranks of the people’s militia exceeded 4 and a half million people and could reach 5 million in 2021.