Pompeo: Russia and the United States can fight pandemic and terrorism together

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo believes that Moscow and Washington can work together in a number of areas, despite differences. Among them are the coronavirus pandemic and terrorism.

“There are areas where our two countries can work together … We are glad that we can try to help them overcome this virus,” Mr. Pompeo told Washington Examiner. He recalled U.S. plans to help Russia with COVID-19 testing equipment. According to the Secretary of State, “it is on its way.”

Mr. Pompeo cited as an example the joint work of Moscow and Washington on countering terrorism. “I have been working with Russia since I was the director of the CIA. I worked closely with them to prevent terrorist attacks. They helped us, saved American lives, by providing us with information. We helped them prevent the terrorist attack that was planned in St. Petersburg, ”said the Secretary of State.

Recall that the United States and Russia occupy the first and second places in the world in the number of coronavirus infected. In the USA, 1.47 million cases were registered, in Russia – 282 thousand.