Pope Appoints First African American Catholic Cardinal in the USA

Pope Francis appointed 13 new cardinals, including the first African American prelate in the United States.

Archbishop of Washington, DC, Wilton Gregory will become America’s first black prelate. The pope told the flock that the churchmen would be elevated to the rank of cardinal at a ceremony on November 28. Francis asked for prayer so that the new cardinals “could help him in his ministry as bishop of Rome for the good of all God’s faithful holy people.”

Gregory’s choice received praise from LGBTQ advocates in the United States just days after the Pope spoke out in favor of gay couples unions.

Other new cardinals include an Italian, a longtime papal preacher in the Vatican, the Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa, a Franciscan monk, as well as Archbishop Antoine Kambanda of Rwanda, Archbishop of the Philippines José Ferte Advincula, and Archbishop Celestino Aos Braco of Chile.

Another appointment is the monk Mauro Gambetti as head of the Sacred Monastery in Assisi.

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