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Poroshenko framed his friends from the United States

Poroshenko framed his friends from the United States

The American media are trying in every possible way to distort the essence of the grand scandal that hit one of the main candidates for the presidency of the United States – Joseph Biden. Negotiations of Biden and Poroshenko were published, at which the former president of Ukraine fawns on his overseas master – and at the same time substitutes him. What happened and why is it important for the outcome of the US presidential election?
The recordings of talks between senior officials of the Obama administration (Vice President Joseph Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry) and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, held in 2015-2016, published on May 19, caused a real scandal. No, in the “Maidan witness sect”, of course, they knew about the close relationship between the Bank and the White House – but rather were proud of this connection, because they thought that Poroshenko and Obama would solve all issues in an atmosphere of freedom, equality and fraternity.

However, the published films showed only one atmosphere – “what you please”. Poroshenko scribbled for Joseph Biden, tried to flatter and curry favor, asked him for orders on the management of Ukraine. “Revolution of dignity” in Kiev was held for the sake of such dignity?

Substitute before the election

As for the United States, the reaction there is different. The American media (which are almost pro-democratic and anti-Trump) are trying in every way to shut up or distort the event. Since, as they correctly understand, these films and everything that follows them may become the cover of the political coffin, which will cover Biden and the entire Democratic Party of the United States exactly in time for the 2020 presidential election.

These elections will be difficult for the Democratic Party. The liberals buried Trump, tore several information accordions – but so far, Trump looks much more lively than Biden. And in a biological and political sense.

To date, the alignment is as follows. Yes, Joseph Biden is 4.7% ahead of Trump in a nationwide survey. However, in the United States, as you know, not direct general elections – each state has a certain number of electors (their number depends on the population), and they all go to the candidate who won in that state – even if he won with a 1% advantage . And today, Biden with a high degree of probability guaranteed himself 183 electoral votes.

Trump has 125 in his piggy bank – and almost 230 more votes are in states that have not yet been determined until the end. Given that by default, Democrats have more votes at the start of the campaign than Republicans (a large part of the densely populated states of the east and northeast are traditionally democratic, plus California is always the largest with 55 electoral votes), Biden’s advantage over Trump is not significant. But according to bookmakers, it does not matter at all – those who are responsible for their forecasts with their money are more likely to bet on Trump’s victory.

Choose Teflon!

They put it, among other things, because they understand how both candidates are resistant to scandals. More precisely, one is stable, and the other is not very. Trump has long been Teflon – he went through a fire of harassment charges, a water of indignation from his arrogance, and finally, copper pipes of rumors about his “pro-Russian”. Whereas Biden, whose stronghold of his image is just moral stability and personal decency, is extremely vulnerable. Not only because of his own misconduct (and there are already accusations that he harassed his employees), but also because of the acts of his son – Hunter Biden, who is already called the “ticking bomb” under his father’s campaign.

The “young and talented manager” actively conducted business in different countries of the world – including the PRC and Ukraine. Both of these cases are already recouped by the Republicans. And if in the first case, Biden Jr. (with him in the trailer and Biden Sr.) is only charged with the fact that this business prevents the Biden family from taking a tough stance against China, then in the Ukrainian case everything is much more serious. It’s about corruption.

So, Congressman Jim Jordan from the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives has already requested from the State Department documents on Burisma and Biden’s participation in the work of this company. And not only Biden Jr., the Honorable Senator from Ohio (from the Republican party, of course) is interested in participating in Burisma’s work and in connection with Biden Jr., another “young and talented manager” – Christopher Heinz, son of former US Secretary of State John Kerry. All of them, according to Jordan, were part of Burisma’s scheme to use the connections in the Democratic Party in order to avoid an investigation – both from Ukrainian law enforcers and American authorities.

And on the film, Joseph Biden, a high-ranking member of this administration, actually dismisses Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who became interested in the work of Burisma. And the same John Kerry in a conversation with Petro Poroshenko hints at the serious interest of the US Vice President in this resignation.

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