Portland Prevents Second Autonomous Zone

Portland police are closing parks and removing barricades to avoid re-creating a Seattle-style autonomous zone.

Portland police are thwarting protesters’ attempts to create a Seattle-like autonomous zone by clearing barricades and closing the park in front of the courthouse. Several activists were also arrested.

The city temporarily closed the Chapman Square and Lonesdale Square parks to prevent protesters from occupying these areas. Demonstrators pitched tents on Tuesday night in Lounsdale Park, across the street from the federal courthouse, which was guarded by National Security, and the town was quickly dispersed – the police announced the closure of parks and gave people 10 minutes to leave.

The streets around the parks remain open to traffic. The sites will be closed until the lawns, toilets, benches and public spaces damaged during the protests are repaired. Law enforcers have dismantled the barricades that have already been erected around the parks, and for several days the utilities have been cleaning up the garbage left by the protesters.

Activists of the Pacific North-Western Youth Liberation Front at the Antifa base tried to create an autonomous zone. They urged people to occupy space in the self-proclaimed autonomous territory of Chinook Land in downtown Portland.