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Possible Cause of “Re-Disease” COVID-19 Called

Scientists have discovered that coronavirus can remain in the patient’s body even after their “recovery,” the South China Morning Post reports citing a study by scientists from Chongqing Army Medical University in China.

Experts have found that patients with COVID-19 can still carry virus particles deep in the lungs that are not detected by conventional testing methods. In particular, they studied the case of a patient who underwent a course of treatment and passed a test three times that showed a negative result. The woman had a CT scan and prepared for discharge, but the next day she unexpectedly died of a heart attack.

After the autopsy, scientists revealed traces of coronavirus particles in the deep tissues of the lungs, although they were not in the tissues of the liver, heart, intestines and bone marrow. At the same time, according to doctors, hidden strains in the lungs did not cause any obvious symptoms.

Researchers believe that this may explain cases of “re” detection of coronavirus in patients who, by all indications, were considered recovered.

Pandemic COVID-19
In the world, according to WHO statistics, more than three million infected, 208 thousand of them died. According to estimates by the American Johns Hopkins University, the numbers are higher: 3.2 million patients and 228 thousand deaths.

The United States remains in first place in terms of the number of victims and patients, and there is a major disaster regime in place. The list of countries most susceptible to coronavirus also includes Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the UK and Turkey.

Russia took the eighth place in the number of infected, overtaking Iran and China, more than 106 thousand (most of them in Moscow). For all the time 1073 people died, over 11 thousand recovered. The authorities urged citizens to observe all safety precautions, including keeping a distance in public places.

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