Potential serial killer apprehended in U.S.

Potential serial killer apprehended in U.S.

The man accused of killing three women at a nursing home complex in New York City has confessed to the crimes. Kevin Gavin, 66, faces three counts of second-degree murder and could be convicted as a serial killer.

Prosecutors say Gavin confessed to killing three women at the Carter Woodson compound in Brownsville, Brooklyn, where he lived and worked as a handyman. According to court documents, he admitted to pushing 92-year-old Myrtle McKenney onto a table with a steak knife on Nov. 9, 2015. She died of a stab wound to the neck.

Later, on April 30, 2019, Gavin strangled 83-year-old Jacolia James and stepped on her neck three times. Last week, during a fight, Gavin wrapped a telephone cord around 78-year-old Juanita Cabarello’s neck and killed her.

Police say Kevin Gavin was running errands for some tenants, and they believe he attacked the women after an argument over money. Gavin had previously been arrested for drugs, burglary and weapons possession.

Police say they are investigating a fourth homicide in the building, but so far it is not related to Gavin.