Powerful explosion in Dubai port. Video

There was a massive explosion at the city’s port in Dubai. It most likely happened on an oil tanker, in the port.

“Large explosion and fire at the port of Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. It was reportedly on an oil tanker,” the report said.

Later, the press service of the emirate’s government said that the fire that broke out near the explosion was localized. There were no dead or injured as a result of the incident, the moored ships were not damaged.

“Dubai Civil Defense forces are fighting the fire, which broke out after an explosion of one of the containers on a ship in the port of Jebel Ali,” the official statement said.

Rescuers engaged a boat to extinguish the fire on the merchant ship. At the same time, the port continues to work in the normal mode. The reasons for the incident have not yet been determined.