Prince Harry did not communicate with Donald Trump

The other day Donald Trump and his wife Melanija arrived in the capitalof  Velokobritanii to carry out a number of official actions. However not all representatives of the royal family were friendly with the U.S. President. His incorrect statements towards the duchess Sussex are the reason.
During the gala evening on whom almost all representatives of the royal family, except the Megane Markl gathered admirers noticed the interesting moment.
The lady in white: Kate Middleton, Elizabeth II and Melanija Trump came for a dinner in magnificent dresses.
In photos with Donald Trump and Melanija Elizabeth II and her son prince
Charles with the wife posed. Also at a banquet there were Kate Middleton and prince William and newly made daddy. While the Megane Markl looks after the newborn son, it carries out the royal duties. However Sussex in Buckingham Palace speaks about pleasant pastime of the duke little.
As it is noticeable in official pictures, 34-year-old prince Harry communicates only with Ivanka Trump, keeping as it is possible further from her father and being not in the most cheerful mood. Supporters suspect that the incorrect statements of the U.S. President in the relation the Megane Markl are the reason for that. A few days ago the 72-year-old politician called the duchess
Sussex “opposite” in response to her remarks in his party.