Proof that Mysterio didn’t die in “Spider-Man: Far from Home”

12 months ago

Misterio Jake Gyllenhaal may have survived “Spider-Man: Away from Home” and we have new evidence.

At the end of the film Misterio could have died, but he managed to surpass Peter Parker as Spider in a shocking scene in the middle of the credits. Despite Mysterio’s death, many still believe the villain is alive and that the upcoming Spider-Man films will eventually lead to the formation of the Ominous Six.

Now a Reddit user may have just revealed some important details that point to the possible return of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Reddit user continues to explain that when EDIT tells Peter at the end of the movie that what he sees is real, there are several indications that this is another illusion from Mysterio:

Proof that Mysterio didn't die in "Spider-Man: Far from Home"

I really can’t believe no one has ever pointed that out – I only noticed it on my last viewing a couple of nights ago.

Mysterio’s alive. A lot of people are already thinking about it, and they’ve been thinking about different things (Mysterio could act dead without illusions, he could make a video, etc.), but I have a winner among the theories, and it all depends on EDIT. Every time Peter or Mysterio makes a request or a command from EDIT, they say its name (as opposed to Siri or Alexa) with two exceptions:

When Mysterio orders all drones to fire, they end up causing their own “death”;
When Peter asks if Mysterio is really dead to make sure it’s not an illusion, Mysterio has an audio device to imitate the voice of EDIT. It has been shown that it can mimic Nick Fury’s voice, among other things, warning him of the risk that all drones will fire.
This gives a plausible cause of death. Then, when Peter asks the EDIT if death is real, the same imitation confirms it, Peter does not say her name, so the glasses do not catch the question and they do not light up as it happens at other times. Also, it shows after that on William’s display that there are 500 more active drones (after Peter canceled the order with EDIT, but Mysterio had his own drones long before he had EDIT), so there could have been an invisible drone that told Peter by EDIT’s voice that death was real.

I can’t claim that this theory is 100% true, but I think that’s the most convincing evidence anyone has found so far, and I’d be interested to see if anyone (especially the creators) has any thoughts on this.

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The third film about Spider-Man will be released in October 2021.

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