Protesters near the White House burned the US flag after Trump’s speech

Protesters in Washington burned the American flag at the White House after a speech by US President Donald Trump on the occasion of Independence Day. Protesters chanted slogans against “slavery, genocide and war”. Also, protesters shouted, “America has never been great.” Police officers arrived at the scene.

Earlier, Donald Trump, speaking on the occasion of Independence Day of the United States, said that the United States would defeat left-wing radicals who demolish statues and monuments to historical figures. According to Trump, the American authorities are in the process of defeating the radical left, Marxists, anarchists, agitators, marauders and people who in many cases do not completely understand what they are doing.

The American leader welcomed the “American heroes” who “defeated the Nazis, overthrew the Nazis, overthrew the Communists, saved American values.”

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