Protests erupted in India after police killing father and son

In India, citizens are massively protesting against police arbitrariness after the news that law enforcement officers exceeded their authority in detaining a father and son allegedly for violating quarantine restrictions, which led to their death.

It is reported by the American television channel CNN.

On June 19, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, 58-year-old Pi Jeyaraj and his 38-year-old son Benniks were selling mobile phones in the town of Sathankulam. According to the case file, they were detained by police officers, as they allegedly violated quarantine restrictions – their outlets worked later than allowed.

The men were taken to a police station, where they tortured for two days. Two days later, they died in the hospital. According to relatives, the men were brutally tortured by police officers.

First, Benniks was taken to the hospital. He died two hours after hospitalization. About an hour after the death of his son, 58-year-old Pi Jeyaraj was brought to the hospital, he died early the next morning. What the men died from is unknown. The court ordered an autopsy, but its results are not yet available.

Jeyaraja’s daughter, Persis, recorded a video message claiming that the police brutally beat her father while he was lying on the floor. Benniks tried to intercede for him, after which the police beat him.

When the situation received publicity, citizens appealed to the authorities with a demand to understand the situation and take action.

First, the police officers who were involved in the case were transferred to another station and the authorities said they would pay the families of the deceased 13 thousand dollars in compensation.

But people continued to demand punishing the police, and not just transferring them to another job.

On Wednesday, July 1, four police officers were still arrested. Today, the fifth policeman, who was also involved in the incident, should be arrested.

The Tamil Nadu Supreme Court said Tuesday that there was enough evidence to accuse the police officers involved in the case of murder.

In India, social networks link the deaths of Jayaraj and Bennix to the killing of George Floyd by police in the United States, which sparked protests.

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