Protests in the US: Trump refused to rename military bases

11 months ago

Protests against racism in the United States led to a debate about renaming bases named after the defenders of slavery. However, Trump called them “sacred lands” and refused to even consider this issue.

The US president indignantly reacted to the discussion about the possible renaming of US military bases, named after the commanders of the Confederate forces – opponents of the United States during the Civil War (war between the North and South). “The United States of America trained and posted its HEROES in these sacred lands and won two world wars,” he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, June 10. The possibility of renaming them, according to Trump, is not even “considered”.

Trump mentioned in this connection the Fort Bragg base in North Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Benning in Georgia. Earlier, Secretary of the Army (US Army) Ryan McCarthy expressed his willingness to hold consultations on renaming about ten bases, named after the military leaders “southerners.”

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