Protests swept 350 American cities

11 months ago

America continues to be tormented by acts of civil disobedience and the confrontation of demonstrators with the police. Protests swept 350 American cities, and curfews were imposed in the capital.

The United States has not seen such unrest. After the death of African American George Floyd, a series of peaceful actions swept the country at the hands of the police, which turned into attacks, arson and robberies. Mass performances do not cease on the 9th day.

More than a thousand people are constantly on the street near the Congress building, they made a sitting strike. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowther imposed a curfew in the city, for violation of which faces a fine or 10 days of arrest.

Powerful protests continue in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle. To calm the rebels, the National Guard was introduced to many cities.

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